708 W. 177th Street

New York, NY 10033

Hours of Operation:

 Sun - Thurs 12pm to 2am

Fri & Sat 12pm to 4am 

B a R 1 7 7

There are no real words that can express the gem that is Bar 177; however, if the attempt was made it would be said that Bar 177 is a massive ball of WOW, with pops of ETHEREAL and fizzes of SEXY. Bar 177 is the perfect blend of downtown ambiance and sophistication, while embodying the authenticity of uptown's vibes and aesthetics. 

Our love for Craft Beer has given us the opportunity to carry our concept into a second location. Here you will experience more of the light & crisp, Tart & Sour, Hoppy or Stout beers the Craft Beer world has to offer. Don't hesitate to inquire about our different craft beer options to expand your pallet or identify your style of craft beer.

Craft Beer: A whole New Level

Everything you love about Bar 180 has been brought to Bar 177 with some new additions that are sure to satisfy your inner foodie. With dishes from places like the Middle East and salads from countries like India there is no shortage of food experience here at Bar 177.

A Culture of   Food Expanded 
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